Hi. I'm Jerry King.

I am an attorney - and I am a mediator. I believe mediation is a valuable alternative to a lawsuit.

Only mediation offers the probability of a solution to a dispute that includes reconciliation of the parties. Because it is not adversarial, there is a much greater chance of preserving the business or personal relationship between the parties. Further, mediation is less expensive than a lawsuit, and it offers the parties an opportunity to respolve the dispute more quickly.

The most important things you have are your personal and business relationships. In every relationship, there will come a time when a dispute will develop. How you deal with that dispute will determine the effect it has on your relationship.

A lawsuit is adversarial, and even if the relationship between the parties was only strained at the beginning, by the end of the litigation process, the relationship is often destroyed.

Further, mediation works! In 75% of the cases I have mediated, the parties reached an agreement to settle their dispute, and they were able to preserve enough of a relationship so that they have some foundation upon which they can start to build a new relationship.

When all is said and done, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by using mediation to attempt to resolve a conflict.


Colorado State University - B.A. Political Science, 1973
Baylor University School of Law - J.D., 1976.
Mediation Training Dispute Resolution Center Austin Texas November 2003
Family Mediation Training Bexar County Dispute Resolution Center, San Antonio, Texas August 2004
TMCA Credentialed

State Bar of Texas - Admitted to Bar 1976.
San Antonio Bar Association
San Antonio Bar Association/ Alternative Dispute Resolution Section
Association of Attorney Mediators
Texas Association of Mediators
 Texas Mediator Credentialing Association --- TMCA Credentialed

 Professional Experience:
Diamond Shamrock, Inc.-Ultramar Diamond Shamrock Corporation, June 1976 to March 1999 (Attorney up to Assistant General Counsel)
Corporate Secretary 1992-1996.
Private Practice March 1999 to Present.                                        

Areas of Legal Experience: 
Governmental, Antitrust/FERC/ FTC/DOE
Corporations, LLC’s, Partnerships
Acquisitions, Divestitures, Joint Ventures
Real Estate Acquisition, Sale, Lease, Landlord/Tenant
Wholesale, Retail, Commercial Marketing and Merchandising
Refining, Petrochemicals, Pipelines, Terminals
Supply & Distribution

 Areas of Mediation Experience:
Real Estate
Landlord /Tenant
Personal Injury
Faith Based

P. O. Box 160396
San Antonio, TX  78280
(210) 497-8046