• Mediation saves money. 
  • Mediation can be used to resolve a dispute before you file an expensive and time-consuming lawsuit. 
  • Mediation can be initiated after a suit is filed, to resolve a dispute before your expenses rise even further.
  • Mediation saves you time by allowing for a quick resolution of the issues rather than waiting upon the court scheduling procedure.
  • Mediation allows you to control your own destiny by negotiating a solution that is acceptable to you. 
  • Mediation offers you more flexibility by allowing you to craft your own unique resolution rather than only a money judgment.  
  • Mediation is not “one party against the other” so you have a greater chance of resolving the conflict and preserving existing or future personal and business relationships. 
  • Mediation is effective since a majority of the parties that use mediation are able to craft an acceptable solution to resolve the dispute.

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